homemade oat flour

This is so easy to make at home, it almost sounds silly to call it a recipe. Let’s call it a tip, okay? There are no exact measurements. Basically, you make as much as you need. One cup, or 3.5 ounces of old-fashioned oats yield 3.5 ounces of oat flour. The process is simple, requiring nothing more than a food processor. Add the oats to the bowl of yours, pulse a couple of times to break the oats down a bit. Then set your food processor to the “on” position and let it go 1 to 2 minutes until you have a fine powder-like flour.

There’s an awesome recipe coming soon for Oat Soda Bread, inspired by Heidi Swanson’s forthcoming book Super Natural Every Day. Her recipe was originally for rye soda bread. I didn’t have rye flour on hand but wasn’t willing to call it a day either. So stay tuned, but first make your oat flour so you’ll be ready to go! And while oat flour is readily available, oats in bulk only cost $1.50 a pound—a big savings indeed, considering it’s so easy to make yourself. Just be sure to seek our gluten-free oats if you plan on using this flour in gluten-free cooking or baking.

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  1. Jennie, this is awesome – love what you’re doing!!

  2. I’ve done this before to add oat to baked goods besides bread — I love the chewy crumb that oat seems to impart, plus crusts with oat are so crunchy and delicious! — but I was wondering if you’ve played around with this method to make flour out of other grains, like rice? I love to make multi-grain stuff, but don’t really love the price of most “specialty” flours.

  3. Will a blender work? I don’t have a food processor.

    • A heavy duty one like a Ninja Prep Master or Vitamix would do the job, but an ordinary blender doesn’t have the sheer power or sharp enough blades.

    • I found this post/blog when I was searching for oat flour recipes and thought I’d comment on the blender question. I have a Magic Bullet, and it works like a charm for making small amounts (up to a cup at a time seems to be reasonable) of oat flour!

  4. Hi,

    I am looking for a oat flour recipe for bread. I am intolerant to wheat, gluten, soy, lactose, corn and rice.
    So far, I am not reacting to oat….

  5. Oats and oat flour needed for dog cookies as dogs have allergies to corn wheat and soy. So—-big THANKS. Sincerely, Muttmom

  6. I have been contemplating buying a food processor as I don’t have one yet and this sent me over the top. I have been looking for an affordable alternative to the gluten-free flour blends you have to buy. Can you use this flour as a basic replacement? I’ve seen a lot of flour “blends” but can I use this flour by itself?

  7. Hi!
    Glad I saw your post about making Oat Flour! I just bought a small bag of Oat Flour to experiment with but it’s pricy! If anyone has any luck with other grains in the cuisnart pleas poast!

  8. Also looking for Oat Flour Pasta recipie any suggestions

  9. I have been searching for “safe” oat flour to bake with. All major brands have a nut warning. Thank you so much for posting this! I was getting discouraged!

  10. do you have to use old fashioned oats or can you use the quick cooking oats?

  11. We just had a class on making all kinds of flours from the different grains and you make them all the same way and can interchange them as desired.

  12. JUst an add on for popcorn seed flour and rice flour you will need to use a wheat grinder because they are toughter than oats.

  13. Can quick oats be used to make oat flour? I like the idea of the other grains to flour as well….I will be watching.

    • Just remember that “quick oats” are predigested or basically processed. It looses much of it’s nutrients in the process. I am sure you could use quick oats to make oat flour but it kind of missing the point of healthier eating and I have never really seen a price difference so it can’t be much cheaper. I would toss the quick oats unless you have digestive issues like gastroparesis and buy some good old fashioned oats. Oats are like the one thing that are not GMO.

      SSC Note: Old Fashioned Oats are what I recommended in the post, not quick oats.

  14. Do I use the oat flour the same as regular flour? Is it an equal conversion, use 1 c of oat flour to replace 1 c of regular flour? Or is it different? Thanks.

  15. I don’t know why it never dawned on me to make my own flour. I used steel cut oats and it worked great. Thanks for the tip!

  16. Thanks for this!! I put the oats in my blender and it worked as well as a food processor. I replaced the oat flour 1:1 for wheat flour. Of course it is a little different but works for those who need an alternative! xxxooo

  17. Reblogged this on ciaodownwithmamatheresa and commented:
    I’m going to try this with my Vitamix!


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