salted molasses butter

We don’t eat out very often, and that surprises many people I know. They figure since I’m a food editor and recipe developer, I dine out frequently. I often use Virginia’s terrible two’s as an excuse, but really my mind works overtime, calculating the cost of a restaurant meal compared to what I could make it for at home.

That’s not to say that we don’t go out to eat. It just means when we do, it’s with careful thought and intention. I don’t need a four-star restaurant to be wowed or inspired. I just need reliably good food and service.

It turns out sometimes the most simple items on a plate leave the most lasting impression too. Enough to make you want to run home and recreate it, as I did with this salted molasses butter I had recently when out with friends for a birthday celebration.

It’s essentially a compound butter, and made with just three ingredients—two of which I guarantee you have in the pantry. And if you don’t already keep molasses on hand, then consider yet another reason you need it (this French Onion Soup is the other).

I love compound butters for their ease in preparation and ability to add layers of flavors with little effort. Dara just so happened to post about them on her blog Cookin’ Canuck too, which lit the fire under my butt to share this recipe with you I created for Cuisinart. In all honestly, it’s so easy to make, I told my friend Maggy it seems silly to even call it a recipe.

I’ll send you on your way to my Cuisinart blog to get the details on the ingredients and ratios, but in case you don’t have a food processor, I wanted to assure you this butter can easily be made with a whisk and a bowl too. Just make sure the butter is ultra soft—enough so that you can use your finger to swipe off a chunk. Then add the ingredients to a deep bowl and whisk until well mixed, like below.

And in you really want to channel Martha Stewart, start off by making your own butter. It’s easier than you think, and my friend John even shows you how to do it without electricity.

Get the recipe for the salted molasses butter at my Cuisinart blog.

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8 Responses to “salted molasses butter”

  1. i have been waiting for this . . . and i can tell by looking at the photo it’s totally worth it!

  2. I wonder if this could sway my girls from their butter and honey addiction?

  3. Sigh:) I had a really hard time convincing my husband that I really prefer to cook at home then eat out, even at “good” restaurants. I look at the prices and cannot find the reason to face the traffic, lose time, and abstain form a glass of wine when we could have a much more pleasurable experience at home. I love to eat out, but it has to be a special place (not expensive or haute).
    I am intrigued by this compound butter, and even more with its use in French Onion Soup. I have to go to your post and explore:)

  4. That sounds great! And so simple!

  5. I love this recipe! As a chef I am always looking for something to add a new twist to the flavor profile that I present on my plates and condiments like this are gold to me! Great Blog- keep on cookin’ up a storm. By the way, I hardly ever eat out- it’s too much like being at work. For me the best restaurant is at home sharing good food with people that I really want to cook for.

  6. Oh my this is soooo delish! I love all these flavors and so will my family. Bookmarked & making this soon. Thanks for sharing, Jennie!


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