About SSC

We’ve lost a generation of cooks, but all hope is not lost. Everyday a novice cook enters the kitchen with one goal in mind—a homecooked meal.

Simple Scratch Cooking is the answer they need to get on their on way. Together with Jennifer Perillo, food editor, recipe developer and busy mom of two, the course has been charted to bring real meals, made with real food to tables around the country.

For more information about Jennifer Perillo, the founder of Simple Scratch Cooking, click here.

6 Comments to “About SSC”

  1. Yay!! I have always loved cooking and baking but never thought of myself as terribly good at either. But, I have spent the last two months cooking and baking for my kids and various guests and I’ve begun thinking, “hey, I”m pretty good at this and man do I love it”. So, my 2011 resolution was to do it with purpose. Thank you so much for giving me a place to come and find/try new things presented from someone I know and love (at least in a social media way:)) . I couldn’t be more excited.

  2. Jenny, I love your blogs. They’re a daily go-to for me. I just stumbled across this one after hitting up “In Jennie’s Kitchen.” I work with a limited budget and would love your feedback on ingredients you should splurge on and where you can skimp. If you could do a post on that, I’d love it.

  3. Your blog looks very promising. If you have not already thought of this may I suggest making a Facebook page for it to link you with new readers. I follow all of my favorites from Facebook and I would bet that it will drive your traffic numbers through the roof!
    I have already posted a link to your page for my friends.

  4. Just discovered your blog thanks to Foodpress. Wish you would have been blogging last April, I could have used a friendly blog like yours. Come visit my blog sometime, I made most everything from scratch for a year in my Year Of Inconvenience.

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