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March 31, 2011

no fast food fridays

Last week a lone tweet went out, and it filled me with excitement. Girl-school giddiness in fact. Rob Smart, an amazing Pro Food advocate wondered aloud if people would embrace a No Fast Food Friday pledge the same way millions have thrown support, one meal at a time, behind the Meatless Monday movement. The idea being small changes by many people can have a big impact on the planet and how our food is produced.

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January 26, 2011

light & airy whole grain biscuits


The last month has brought two big changes to my cooking habits. Meat, while it was always eaten in moderation has been pretty non-existent, save for the occasional bacon I make for the kids. In its place, beans have been given their proper due. Not using bacon has pushed me to look for flavors in unexpected places. My kale, white & ravioli soup proved to be a very fulfilling meal without my usual tendency to boost it with bacon.

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January 12, 2011

how to make crepes +a dairy-free version

This morning kids all over NYC are waking up to find out school is indeed open. Thank heavens the city I grew up in didn’t flinch over less than a foot of snow the way they did the day after Christmas. While it did have me dancing a jig—school closings are the arch nemesis of work-at-home parents, I realized it meant I’d have to pack lunch.

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January 5, 2011

semolina soda bread

When we last crossed paths, I dispensed a handy tip for making your own oat flour.

I also promised a recipe for oat soda bread would follow. I’m not one to go back on my word, but I got so excited at both the taste and ease of the recipe, I couldn’t wait for the day to pass. No worries you can still get the recipe over at In Jennie’s Kitchen.

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December 29, 2010

corn tortillas

For more details on why I started making homemade corn tortillas, read my original post. For a kick butt flour tortilla, go visit Lisa for an easy, foolproof recipe.

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